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2014/15 Calendar  



CC of BCS meets Wednesdays

Daily Schedule


Foundations/Essentials meet 12 weeks in the Fall and Spring

Challenge meets 15 weeks in the Fall and Spring


Foundations / Essentials / Challenge:

7:30 Directors and Tutors Arrive

7:55 Nursery Helpers Arrive

8:00 Nursery Open for Challenge families (as needed) and tutor families

8:15 Challenge classes begin

8:30 Foundations/Essentials Tutor Prayer

8:55 Nursery closes (children are picked up by a parent or assigned parent chaperone)

9:00-9:15 Foundations Opening Assembly

Prayer, Announcements, Bible Memorization, Family Presentations, Pledge

9:15-11:45 Foundations Class

11:45-12:25 Lunch

12:30-1:00 Recess

1:00 Essentials dismisses to class; Recess dismisses for morning only families

1:15 Final recess bell for Afternoon Program

1:15 to 3:15 Essentials & Afternoon program

3:15 Essentials class dismisses; Clean Up

3:15 Challenge class dismisses; Final clean up and lock up


Challenge meets simultaneously:

8:15 to 3:15 Challenge A, B, I and II; lunch 11:30 to 12:15


Lunch Time

Foundations Lunch is from 11:45 to 12:25

Challenge lunch is from 11:30 to 12:15

Parents with children in the nursery: Your children will meet you in the lunch room. Once you receive them from their teacher you are responsible for them at all times on campus. Please keep them within visual contact at all times.

Bring lunch for your family. There are two microwaves available for use and a refrigerator or two, but there's a lot of us, so most families bring a cooler and food that does not need to be re-heated. This is a nut-free campus so please do not bring nuts of any kind on campus, including peanut butter. 

Parents are responsible for supervising their own children at lunch time. We will rotate playground monitors but you are still needed at recess as soon as you can pack up and get there. While it is a time for socialization, please be cautious of the safety issues for outdoor play.

If you are on cleaning duty, and you have your children with you, they need to be actively helping you OR sitting quietly. Please do not allow them to run around or be loud in the cafeteria.

Please stay off the stage area.

At 12:25, four playground monitors will walk children to the play area. Other parents, please join as soon as you're able to pack up and clean up. This is a great opportunity to play with our children's friends.

Rotation schedules for playground and lunch room cleaning will be posted before the first day of class.


When and Where to Go

If it's your first visit, here are some specific instructions to help you find your way

When you get to CC on Wednesday mornings,


  • Enter the doors that are facing Hwy 6
  • Walk through the foyer and enter doors on the left, the Nursery wing
  • As you enter the Nursery wing foyer you will see a place on your left where you can leave your lunch, so you don’t have to carry it around with you all morning
  • Get name tags for you and your family
  • If you have children in the nursery, drop off their bag in the nursery
  • Go upstairs and take a right
  • Have your Foundation student take their backpack to their room. Follow tutor instructions such as placing binder on table and snack on the counter.
  • The large empty room that is on your right is where we will meet for our morning meeting.
  • Have a seat on the floor, with your family, and wait for the morning to get started

Other things to remember:

  • The restrooms that are in the upstairs nursery wing are for CHILDREN ONLY. Adult restrooms are across the bridge on your right




  • At 11:45, go downstairs with your class. Grab your lunch from the nursery foyer and head left down the main foyer to the Fellowship Hall, where you'll find your other children.
  • Sit with your family for lunch.
  • Children need to remain seated until they line up for recess
  • Wipe your own table with a wet towel that can be found on a utility cart near the brooms.




  • Only your Foundations students may line up for recess.
  • Your nursery age students remain with you. You may go out to recess with them, but they are under your supervision.
  • Be ready outside or in the nursery foyer at 1pm so your children can find you when recess is over